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You can download music. You can download video. So, why not download exciting artwork to embellish your projects day or night—whenever the creative mood strikes?, the company that brings you revolutionary ways to “click and create” unique craft projects “24/7,” announces their latest paper craft innovation—the Marbled Paper Collection. Now you can download a stunning collection of original, vintage, hand-marbled papers to add finely chiseled beauty to a plethora of artistic projects.

The website is extremely easy and fun to use. Mix and match from among ten rich and brilliantly colored marble designs and a total of 82 colors! Swirling, vibrant patterns with names like Glass Crackle, Foam, Midnight Rapids, and Waterfall add classic beauty to many crossover applications including quilting, sewing, scrapbooking, paper crafts, rubberstamping, and cardmaking as well as uses in the school, home, and office. Or use marbled designs for background papers, photo frames, stationery, print-on fabric, labels, decoupage, paper beads, signage, presentation covers, origami, greeting cards, and more. Each design is sold separately and is available only on and not in stores.

“I have been an art director for over 35 years and am excited to make available this revolutionary way to create artistic projects,” says Reenie Feingold, ScrapSMART’s founder. “I sent the Marbled Paper Collection link to writers, editors, and customers to get their feedback and, to my great delight, received many wonderful compliments on our new product line.” Following are some examples:

These are glorious! You are sitting on a gold mine. These designs have a broad appeal.
Debby Kratovil, Special Projects Editor, QUILT Magazine

Thanks for sending the marbled designs. They are truly gorgeous—a wonderful, enormous collection. I hope I can help you get the word out.
Rebecca Kemp Brent, Ph.D, freelance writer, educator, and designer. (Brent has written over 100 magazine articles and is co-author of Machine Embroidery – Wild and Wacky and Fill in the Blanks with Machine Embroidery.)

The marbled papers are FABULOUS! I am developing projects using the imagery. The names will make everyone salivate. Gooey Grape Candy, Grapefruit Soda Fizz, Strawberry Daiquiri, Latte Shimmer, Banana Slushy, Violet Glass Crackle, Midnight Rapids, and more!
Linda Griepentrog, former editor of Sew News, and co-author of Print Your Own Fabric

Hi, You have been mentioned in a couple of forums mostly about the marbled paper. So I went to check it out. After looking at your site, there is a lot to discover. When I start on new project I will need the marbled designs, so I will be back. Nice site!
Donna Smith, Greenville SC

Examples of projects made from our Marbled Paper Collection:

Marbled Children's Alphabet Blocks
by Vicki S.


Marbled Valentines Card & Tag
by Sherry V.
Marbled Picture Frame by
Reenie F.
Marbled Heart Picture Frame
by Molly B.

High resolution images available upon request!