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ScrapSMART.com releases two new CDs:
“Halloween Home” & “Halloween Fashions”
to make Halloween Spooktacular.

Rochester, New York August 23, 2005
From ghosts and goblins to dancing skeletons and jack-o'-lanterns, Halloween is decorating, creating costumes, trick-or-treating, candy, and plain old fun for young and old! Nothing would make Halloween more spooktacular to both adults and children than this selection of scrumptious vintage and new Halloween designs on CD.

What child wouldn’t want their own personalized Trick-or-Treat bag? Create memorable bags for the little ones; print the designs on paper and affix to a paper bag or print them on fabric and sew or iron-on to a fabric bag. Add glitter, beads, photos, and other embellishments to make unique designs. Going trick-or-treating? Add glow-in-the-dark threads, paint, or glow sticks to the bag to make your tricker treater Halloween safe!

Moms and teachers can have a fashionable Halloween look in just minutes. Print a masquerade or a haunted house theme on printable fabric, then iron or sew the designs to a jean shirt. The “Halloween Fashions” CD also contains images to create bags, cards and envelopes, and fabrics.

Need party invitations and envelopes? Just print them, as several different designs are featured on both Halloween CDs! They are also fun-tastic for the whole family

Create a unique Halloween-themed décor and fashions. The “Halloween Home” CD has exciting designs to create aprons, place mats, towels, potholders, wall-hangings, wine bags, gift bags, cards and envelopes, and fabric patterns. Embellish towels, pot holders, Trick-or-Treat bags, pillows, wall hangings, jackets, vests, and other unique gifts. And once you’ve completed your projects, your home will be filled with the “Spirits of Halloween”. The Halloween CDs create years of fun. Let the creativity begin!

Every Halloween image comes as a Microsoft Word Template and in Jpeg format. Personalize the designs with text or photos using the Microsoft Word Templates. The Jpeg format makes the designs easy to resize and manipulate in other graphics programs. Simply print on fabric or paper. There is no software to learn or install! Use with PC or Mac. It’s fun and easy for children and adults.

Summary Paragraph:
Bring the family or your class together to create personalized trick or treat bags for the kids and jean shirts for Moms and teachers. Ghosts, goblins, dancing skeletons, and jack-o'-lanterns abound on these spooktacular Halloween Home and Halloween Fashions CDs. Personalize with image editing software or word processor. Designs are fully sizeable to customize any project. Use with PC or Mac. Print on fabric or paper. It’s fun and very easy for children and adults.

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