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Rochester, New York August 23, 2005
When Tara returned from her summer gymnastics camp, she wanted a fresh and creative way to record her memories. She found it in the GYMnastics CD. The CD features gymnastics-themed clip art, scrapbook pages, whimsical art, gymnastics silhouettes, famous gymnastics quotes, trophies and more.

“Scrapbooking is a creative and educational experience”, said Reenie Feingold, founder of and designer of the CD. “It helps foster ideas, inspire creativity with design, and emphasizes computer skills. What could be a better way to have fun, keep your memories alive and capture the spirit of dance?”

“It’s really great,” said Tara, “I learned a lot at camp. Making a scrapbook will help me record my accomplishments and remember every moment!” Tara especially likes the quotes and phrases. Her favorites are “Gymnastics Godess” and “My heart belongs to Gymnastics.” “I’m going to make this a scrapbook of my summer,” she said. “It’s easy. And what’s really cool is that I can also email the pages to my family and friends!”

“Like anything else, you want to preserve memories of what you’ve done,” said Reenie. “The GYMnastics CD makes it easy for everyone to record their memories and embellish their pages with beautifully designed art.” Students and teachers have thanked her for the CD because it helped them preserve a very important part of their lives. “Scrapbooking is a social activity”, Reenie said. “Not only can each gymnast make her own scrapbook, but it can be a class activity too. At the end of the year, they can have individual and class scrapbooks.”

The ScrapSMART CDs are so easy to use and have received a five star rating from “The CD is reasonably priced at $19.99, fun and easy to use, and compatible with PC or MAC,” the site said. Scrapbooking is a popular hobby, and these CDs make the process easier. In addition to the clip art and scrapbook pages, the CD features gift tags, cards, calendars, page toppers, pencil flags, and candy bar wrappers to use as fund-raisers.

“It’s a fun hobby,” said Julie Capossere, a High School english teacher. “Scrapbooking combines artistic, computer and writing skills. The students can take pride in their own stories in fun and creative ways. It looks great, and it’s a good way to organize your pictures and preserve your memories.”

The CD contains 770 clip-art in Jpeg format and 875 designs in Microsoft Word Templates. Personalize the designs with text or photos using the Microsoft Word Templates. The Jpegs make the designs easy to resize and manipulate in other graphics programs. There is no software to learn or install! Print on fabric or paper. For PC or Mac

Summary Paragraph:
Scrapbooking is a creative and educational experience. It fosters ideas, inspires creativity with design, and emphasizes computer skills. What could be a better way to have fun and keep your memories alive and capture the spirit than with the GYMnastics CD. Each gymnast can make her own scrapbook to record her accomplishments, or it can be a class activity. Personalize with image editing software or word processor. Use with PC or Mac. Print on fabric or paper. The ScrapSMART CDs received a five star rating from

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